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The Overrating of Cigar Ratings

It’s no different than any other industry, saturated with massive amounts of product and maybe less than half of its output is top-notch.

As consumers continue to help market the marketing plan and retailers carry out operations & logistics, the governing body produces ideas fueling the leisure cigar engine into a billion dollar empire. But let’s not get too caught up into that. Leaders of this industry know their fate lie not completely in the hands of the FDA, but the consumers as well.

Why else should the colorful cigar band exist around a shaggy footed torpedo shaped/doubled wrapped stogie. The shit just looks fancy & we literally buy into the marketing schematics at times. But really, how’s the quality though? Have you ever wondered who is making the decision to “quality rate” these cigars and what’s possibly in it for them?

With so much emphasis placed on the individual and palate as it relates to a burn experience, there is a greater emphasis and investment geared upon influencing what you decide to consistently smoke. After all, this is the innate beauty of marketing & branding, grasping the psyche of the consumer and steering their purchase decision methodically/based on demographic particulars & other stuff.

We are all victims of some kind of cigar hype...too many manufacturers to name who are clever in their approach to make us bend to buy. Our peers at times weigh heavy on what we smoke...and contingent upon who you’re choosing to surround yourself with, it could very much have you inundated in the “I ain’t smoking nothing rated below 90 Club”..Unfortunately, if you think this way, you could very well miss out on some great smokes.

From the various names of the cigars, to the shapes/sizes and blends (which oft-times mirror other blends particularly those rolled in the same roll house) it’s almost a necessity for you to go thru the smoking frenzy of finding the best fit for you.Try the 95 rated cigar then shortly thereafter test out one that didn’t even make it to the rating docks. Remain poised and prepare to possibly witness some shock due to a variation in flavor in favor of the non-rated cigar. This is definitely not always the case, as some who do dare to rate have some sense of authenticity & depth to remaining true and accurate to the culture. However there are those times as a consumer where you are left confused and slightly pissed because you paid an additional $15 or more for a so-called rated one that just didn’t quite deliver on its projection...choose wisely.


Plumeberg Media Inc. 2019

by Nosakhere Kamau

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