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The LongAsh Rum Invasion

Celebrating 7 years in business Thursday, August 29.2019....

LongAsh Cigars has now further surmounted its’ imprint on Cigar City (Tampa, FL.). Already housed within their perfectly designed humidor, are some of the best hand-rolled stogies in the city. Now, customers may also experience some of the finest spirits to pair along with their cigar of choice. Yes! LongAsh Cigars is now a full-service liquor bar, offering an array of spirits from all over the world that will unquestionably enhance your palate and increase your level of lounge-stay.

Located in the heart of Ybor City, (1728 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL.) LongAsh Cigars is steeped in the tradition of providing fresh-hand rolled cigars. Your first point of contact upon looking into the window or entering the lounge, are the rollers. They are undoubtedly well-seasoned veterans who take their craft seriously, yet offer friendly gestures whilst staying focused on creating cigars. The energy felt from LongAsh’s upgraded designs & aesthetics, revealing a calm meditative aura within this historical space, is also second to none…

“It’s been a lot of ups and downs but the hard work has paid off”..says Michael Cincunegui, Co-Owner, (pictured left alongside Co-Owner, Sandra Cincunegui) of LongAsh Cigars. Michael attributes being persistent and constantly educating himself on the tobacco industry as keys to LongAsh’s longevity.“The business has finally began to start working for me” says Michael, “I owe this to becoming an expert in my product and providing quality customer service internally and externally.”

When asked about the inclusion of liquor to the LongAsh experience, Michael exuded excitement of its’ potential, “This completes us as a bar. Patrons and tourists needed more options with regards to our spirit offerings(which now include: Whiskeys, Bourbons, Vodkas, Tequilas etc.,). We also have a built-in local clientele that deserved this upgraded service as well.”

The newly stocked and loaded bar at LongAsh provides a particular focus on Rum. According to Michael, Rum does not get the quality nor quantity attention from a pairing perspective that other liquors do: “Most tobacco is grown and cultivated in regions within or near the Caribbean Isles (Cuba, Domincan Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras etc.,) where the preferred spirit of choice is Rum. We would like to make Rum a focus because of this as well as its diversity. There’s Rum that’s clear, brown and spicy which allows for the making of excellent mixed drinks. We will provide over 50 different types of Rum which in turn allows customers to experience a vast amount of Rum/Cigar pairings.”

Michael is looking forward to having new faces in the building with the insertion of the full-bar. The variety of events in Ybor-City and Tampa-based festivals, namely the Gasparilla Festival, which fully compliments their Rum-Focused Bar theme, makes way for the continued success of LongAsh Cigars and consistently provides a platform for them to “Stay on the Rise”.

Be sure to visit LongAsh Cigars for their 7th Year Anniversary Celebration, Thursday, August 29. 2019.



Plumeberg Media Inc. 2019

Written by: Nosakhere Kamau

Photography by: Janelle Stewart

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