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The Ceremonial

Native American wooden figures have been utilized to advertise tobacconist shops since the 17th century...

European settlers giving just due observance of the Native-Americans mastery of the tobacco plant may have provided reasoning for the erection of these sculptures, situated outside of many cigar establishments around the world.

Regardless of the intent, within the Native-American community today, there is a divide on how these figures give way to caricature like depictions. Ex.Unless participating in ceremonial rituals(these rituals often include tobacco smoking), you may not witness a Native-American dressed in clothing commensurate of the wooden figure today.

In our endeavor to continuously understand and improve our relationships and experiences with those who differ from us...we may fall short. Yet, presented in our immediate scope, are timeless advantages and opportunities to do the right thing.

Next time while visiting a cigar lounge with a Native-American like figure on the homage by burning a stogie not only with recreational thoughts but ceremonial as honor to those before us and for whom we owe much in-kind & respect.

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