• Nosakhere Kamau

The Art of Cigars & Jazz

Staying on verve is the essence of Jazz Music. This art form that signifies the heart of American Culture, correlates instantly with burning a cigar. In discovering ways of making your smoking experience more pleasurable, Jazz can well-define how deep your meditative experience can unfold. Jazz musicians from different eras have shed light on the value of “cool” upon lighting up a cigar. Today, we celebrate their musical art form with visuals of symmetry...blowing smoke while displaying mastery over their instrument....providing a timeless viewing cherished and appreciated by people around the globe...

Above: Charles Mingus On Bass.

Above: Pianist Arthur Rubenstein

Above: Illustration of Jazz Pianist/B&W

Above: Guitarist Cigars & Jazz Print

Above: Jimmy Rushing @ All About Jazz

Above: Guitarist Lightnin’ Hopkins

Above: Joe Pass Cigar Print

Above: Pianist Willie The Lion Smith


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by Nosakhere Kamau

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