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Sisters of The Leaf

Nothing is quite comparable to a woman confident within herself. Us men folk claim that the docile is preferred yet in the depths of our machismo...we know the deal.

The truth can no longer be held back. Since the beginning of time we’ve rationalized to keep it under wraps but no longer can the all pervasive reality be negated....yes, women rule. Cross-industry or in the household, venture into the rainforest if you will...there is no escaping what nature has intended. Henceforth our beloved world of cigars. The man caves have been rehabbed and the equity has escalated. The Sisters of The Leaf have found their place as interior architects. Subtly designing their space in the lifestyle and making a formidable argument that it’s way better with them than without them.

We recently caught up with a few of our sisters to gauge their interest in cigars and reveal a little of their history as a Lover of The Leaf..,,,

Dr. Brooke Mobley

I smoke cigars because it’s relaxing......and the environment combines a diverse group of people from all walks of life bonding over a common interest.

I started smoking casually 11 years ago while in medical school but it became more of a hobby once I moved to Tampa 4 years ago. I enjoy medium and mild cigars the best.

My favorite is The Arturo Fuente Queen B.

I like to pair my cigar with a nice cognac or Pinot noir.

My favorite places to smoke in Tampa are Maduro Marauders & The Lions Den but most of back patio.

Elizabeth Stafford

I smoke cigars because it’s relaxing and I enjoy the company I have when I’m doing it.

I’ve been smoking for 20+ years.

I enjoy the following cigars:

601 Snakebite, Padron Damaso, Guillermo Leon Corona,

My favorite pairing spirits are:

Angels Envy, Mount Gay XO, Martel XO

My favorite lounges are:

Tampa: Davidoff, King Corona, Torch

Orlando: Corona, Admiral, The Cigar Lounge

Varesa Kitchen Royal

The first cigar that was given to me was the Drew Estate Java. After the first pull I was drawn in by the taste and aroma. Then this sexy high type of mood set in after a few minutes. After that I was drawn in, hooked, I wanted more and never looked back.

I was introduced to cigars by a special friend. This was in 2014. So its been five wonderful years! I enjoy FULL BODY CIGARS! I enjoy smoking Drew Estate Java, AJ Fernandez New World (pressed) Avo Ritmo, Punch (any pressed), LD40, A10, Oliva V, Gurkha Evil and Seduction, Fuente Hemmingway and X, Padron Maduro, Crazy Alice and my newest favorite Cordoba & Morales Clave Cubana Double Etiqueta Blanca.

When it comes to really depends on the mood, for instance If I just had a nice lunch with me myself and I, I may do a JavaRed with a Panna bottled of water and Cafe Con Leche. Later if I am lucky I may be with HIM on a La Flor Dominicana with a glass of Bourbon. Wish me luck....

My FAVORITE lounge in the entire world and this will NEVER change is Maduro Marauders in Tampa, Florida. Although I frequent other lounges like the Casa de Monte Cristo/Tampa Humidor, Top Notch Cigar & Whiskey Lounge when I am in South Florida. There is no place like home. The place where everyone knows my name!

Angye Smits Fox

Smoking a cigar is like taking a mini vacation. As an entrepreneur, I work long hours so cigar smoking is a welcome break and gives me time to relax. My cares drift away with every puff.

I've been smoking cigars for 30 years and I love a medium-bodied spicy or peppery cigar. The Fuente 858, Alec Bradley Black Market, and Rocky Patel Sungrown are some of my favorite cigars.

Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I love to pair my cigar with a brandy, old fashion or a Spotted Cow beer!

My favorite place to smoke is at home with friends on my balcony overlooking Hillsborough Bay.

Lecretia Faulcon

I enjoy the aroma and taste of a cigar and it's very relaxing. I have been been smoking for 5 years.

I like mild cigars and my favorite type of cigar are infused- latte, vanilla, cappuccino and express.

Some of my favorite cigars are Hawaiian Breeze, Cafe Nubs (infused) and Acid.

Kathy McNeil

I smoke cigars as a way of relaxing and socializing with other cigar smokers. I began smoking with a guy I used to date. I would often share his cigar until I got to the point that I wanted my own and I started to know the cigars I liked best.

I’ve been smoking for about 8 years or so.

I like medium bodied cigars the best. But I do enjoy trying different cigars.

I love the ACID brand cigars, my favorite is the Cold Fusion. I also like the Oliva V and the Java.

I don’t really pair my drink and cigar. I love a good red wine with my cigars.

My favorite cigar lounges in Tampa are Davidoff, King Corona and Long Ashe. I currently live in Washington DC and my favorites are Civil, TG Cigar and Shelly’s Backroom.

Joycelyn Wells

Honestly, I began smoking cigars to access an elevated level of self. The art of cigar smoking caught my attention because it required patience and a certain degree of self-indulgence, both of which I denied myself daily. Those who do and can participate have made a commitment to spend time with self, whether alone or in a social setting. For me, I set aside time and space to burn one. And those who know me know, I’d rather not be disturbed. It belongs to me and the stick chosen for the occasion.    

It’s crazy because I never really considered the time I’ve been smoking until upon reflection on my daughter’s age. She recently turned 25. I indulged in my first, when she was 2 years old. Just after I stopped nursing, I needed some time to myself. So, I took it. I purchased a cheap cigar and sat in the park. Just like that, it’s been more than 20 years.

For years, I would ask for the mild to medium cigars because I was afraid of the full bodied. But at some point during the years, I began to ebb and flow effortlessly between the varying magnitudes of the cigar bodies.  


My favorite’s list changes from year to year… This year, I’m loyal to Gurka EVIL, Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estates, Feral Flying Pig by Drew Estates, Oliva Serie G and the offerings of Maduro Marauders House Selection.

I’m a tequila girl, so I love a nice Don Julio with lime on any occasion. Though, I do enjoy a neat Knobbs Creek Smoked Maple when it’s available.  

My favorite lounges are:

Tampa – Maduro Marauders, 1944 W. Main Street

Atlanta - Maduros Cigars, 2997 Cumberland Blvd SE #210

Rocky Patel, 900 Battery Ave, Suite 1000

Kaevon Lyte McCray

I smoke cigars for relaxation. I love the way it makes me feel so chill and relaxed. Plus if it’s the right one, it gives me a nice buzz. It’s also a nice aphrodisiac for me!

I’ve been smoking for about 16 years.

I started with sweet only and those little beanies. Then I graduated to medium and now I am a full grown woman who only enjoys the full bodied cigars. I will go to a lounge and ask for their nicest full bodied that will give me a nice buzz. They will first look at me as a woman and try me and I will then have to instruct them to act as if I was a man! I always get tried in most lounges. But it’s okay, afterwards they always have to give me my respect.

My favorite cigars are LFD’s and Drew Estate Liga 9

I like to pair my cigars with various Whiskeys, Bourbons, Scotches and cognacs. Every once in a while with wines or even a nice port wine.

My favorite cigar lounges are: Stogies/Orlando & Maduro Marauders/Tampa.

Vanessa Byrd

I've been smoking cigars now for 2 and 1/2 years, and honestly I smoke cigars for the social aspect of it. Certain ones give me a little buzz that's why I chose the stronger ones...they Mellow me Out because I'm super active in my field of work and sometimes I need something just to wind me down, and smoking a cigar will make you sit down, that's if you want to enjoy it.

Maduro Cigars are my favorite, i just learned I like Liga Pravda 9, my favorite drink is the old fashioned, port wine and gentlemen Jack, and some of my favorite lounges are Capitol cigars in Tallahassee Florida, Maduro Marauders, Tampa and as much as I don't see it I do love when a lounge has music, that I can dance to, without going to a club even though a Lounge is just what it is...someplace to relax and smoke but when it comes down to the ladies, we love the music and we love to dance, we also love to Peacock a little bit as well.

Kella McCaskill

I smoke cigars for the social aspect of it as well as to Relax. I was introduced to cigars in 2016.

I like the flavored cigars mostly, Alec Bradley classic , Ashton Toros, and the Diamond Crown Maximus.

I like to pair my cigars with Coffee and Crown Apple

My favorite lounge is Maduro Marauders in West Tampa . A great place for people that are not neccesarily cigar lovers. I have met some of the most interesting people at the lounge. In addition, I created 5 cigar celebrations greeting cards while conversing with the other patrons. I love MM!


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