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Pure Konsciousness: The Konscious Cigar Movement.

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

“Kevin "King" Brown has absolutely no desire to fit in“..

….yet still he gravitates towards an industry populated with the idea & platform that constructive networking and ass-kissing gives you wings. His intricately designed feathers however are steeped within the rich tradition of Maat..(so forget about the kissing of ass)…known to provide the flight of truth, balance and order to “All Things Living”…..and now….in this season of migration….”All Things Cigars..”

Enter… A Sacred Ibis, Kevin “King” Brown, Co/Founder-Owner of the trendsetting Maduro Marauders Cigar Co. located in West Tampa, FL. has now launched his ownKingdom of Stogies” in the form of the newly founded: “Konscious Cigars Co.” 

Reared on the East side of things in Tampa, FL., Kevin’s initial outlook on cigars was non-complimentary to the happenings within his community or lifestyle. As a youngster, he enjoyed racing through the tobacco fields in North Carolina, (where he has family roots) in addition to being mesmerized by the varied smells of tobacco seeping thru his late grandfather’s pipe.

The tobacco game however was historically ran primarily by those who looked nothing like him.. which had and has sided with multiple other industries that lacked the presence of African-Americans in influx. Although ingrained in the heart of the Cigar Capital of the World, there were no initial outlets that drove him to quest interest into a career within the tobacco industry.

His life pursuit to “Live Like A King”, which derived from his humble beginnings, pushed Kevin however to do something different. After being formally introduced to Premium Cigars in the early 2000’s, he became extremely eager to create an enterprise relative to the industry. In 2016 along with 6 other business partners, Kevin Co-Launched Maduro Marauders Cigar Co.

With his influence, “The MM’s” have become transcending in their efforts to retail and promote cigars and the lifestyle that parallels it by opening up a cool, sleek lounge located on West Main St. in Tampa, FL. They are also known for their diverse concierge services and hosting unique/eclectic style cigar events.

His experience with creating the Maduro Marauders, coupled with his desire to manufacture his own cigar, has led Kevin to launch his own cigar line thru Konscious Cigars Co. birthed from his lack of seeing Melanated ownership within the cigar industry. Konscious Cigars first face of the line will be: “The Konscious Cigar”. 

“The Konscious Cigar” is a medium-bodied gem manufactured with Nicaraguan tobacco and wrapped in Habano-Ecuadorian. Very smooth and consistent on the palette… this divine stogie provides hints of cocoa and cedar notes amongst other flavors that you may joyfully uncover. It truly is designed and constructed for the everyday smoker and novice.

Kevin’s dreams are just taking flight! His desire is to transition Konscious Cigars Co. into a global player, leader and innovator by creating a variety of blends and facings that will undoubtedly…”Ignite Your Konsciousness”! coming soon! Learn more about the brand & ordering!

_________________________________ Plumeberg Media Inc. 2019

by Nosakhere Kamau

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