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Liz Newman: Born Into The Leaf

Liz Newman is an extension of cigar history.....

Pictured Above: Liz Newman

Her go-to stick is a Cuesta-Rey Centenario #9...(What’s the significance you might ask?) Well, Liz’s family makes this cigar. The company is the oldest and only federally licensed premium cigar manufacturing company remaining in the United States, The J.C. Newman Cigar Company.

Located in Ybor City/Tampa, FL. since 1954, this family-owned and operated business is now in its‘ fourth generation, having established their foundation in Cleveland, Ohio, ca.1895.

J. C. Newman Cigar Co. is also the sole-distributor for Arturo Fuente Cigars, and have sales presence in over 80 countries worldwide.

Pictured Above: J.C. Newman Cigar Company, Tampa. FL.

“Cigars have always represented a family feel and tradition for me”, says she takes a sip of her coffee from The Bunker, an eclectic local eatery/cafe’ situated in the belly of Ybor City. “I have fond memories of my grandfather smoking cigars outside on our porch. It always seemed sophisticated to me even in my youth, and I enjoyed how smoking cigars brought people and my family together.”

Pictured Above: J.C. Newman/Founder of J.C. Newman Cigar Company.

With such strong ties linking to a grandiose cigar family heritage, one may assume that Liz would have desired a career in the cigar industry as well...Not! Liz gravitated in another direction...Journalism, with seemingly no inherent resistance from her family..”I absolutely love writing, it’s my passion.“ Liz currently serves as a Content /Digital Branding Strategist-Consultant for various entities within the writing and editing industry.

Though Liz has devoted her life to the art of converting thoughts into can instinctively sense upon conversing with admiration of sorts for cigars and the industry. When asked if she felt women today were well-represented in the Premium Tobacco Industry..she quickly concluded: “Not Really, I personally still associate cigars with men and generally speaking cigars are just very complicated.“ Liz suggested that women who smoke cigars usually have an agenda whether it be for structured networking or meeting men...yet she feels it has become more popular to see women smoking....therefore the underwriters/spearheads of the industry should make greater effort towards garnering women’s interest.

“There’s a definitive pocket of women who just want to look cool smoking a cigar, and it just serves as an occasional fix for them, and then there are others who have taken the art of smoking seriously. Cigars have always been associated with a special occasion for me, and it’s a great collaborative item for a moment of celebration..”

Liz is encouraged that cigar lounges/bars are now evolving beyond the boys-club type of aura, and are now creating space for women to influence the conversation of how they are now designed and curated.

Liz expressed her sadness that J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is the only premium cigar manufacturer left in the United States. However she maintains a positive outlook on the resurgence of the industry, and hopes that eventually more credence will be extended to WOTL (Women of the Leaf) in helping keep the lifestyle of cigars thriving and in full-play.


Plumberg Media Inc. 2019

by Nosakhere Kamau

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