• Nosakhere Kamau

It’s Not Even Close

Don’t Front/Tampa’s got you open...Scenically of course, with the tropical breeze off the gulf & the sun bear-hugging your person as if it didn’t see you yesterday....

But there’s another reason. The Cigars. Housed here in this city are some of the monumental cigar rolling houses ever constructed by man. Most are now obsolete..but the history is still felt and the rollers are still in play..allowing Tampa to maintain its’ title as the Cigar Capital of the World!

There may be validation that Plumeberg offers a bias position being headquartered in Cigar City (Tampa)... however we will allow you to indulge your palate to what’s true, as we explore the varied smoke shops in the city and their offerings.

Follow us here on this journey by looking out for “Tampa‘s Best Cigars“ blog weekly, as we’ll be discovering & highlighting local/area lounges and the diverse offerings within their humidors.

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