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Friday Flow....

Burnin’ on the weekend tends to blend things together.../

A shelter from the mundane 9-2-5 jive needed to survive and yes we “live” for this...weekend /

The Ojay’s said it test your parameters and challenge your palate beyond a Keto-based salad/choose steak and smoke an Arturo Fuente 858/negate the dessert unless paired with Tabaneros Cafe’Con Leche’../

As you debate between an Oliva V Figurado or Diamond Crown Julius Caesar don’t forget to please her with a V-cut then toast-up the foot with some cedar like only Zino would.../

It’s the weekend...

/...bend but don’t break your set plans to visit your favorite smoke lounge then expound upon your idea of how you’ll pull off that PTO Day.....Monday.


Plumeberg Media Inc.

by Nosakhere Kamau

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