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Cigar Vaccinations

29 June 2020. by Nosakhere Kamau.

Just 1 or 2 puffs of your favorite cigar can provide you protection against an unfulfilling job, toxic relationship, or any other circumstantial germ and the dis-ease it causes you.

Maintaining the existence of cigar lounges results in an insurmountable measure of chill, peace & harmony preventing one from dis-comfort & helps aid in the enjoyment from the smoke of one of earth’s finer pleasures.

Modifications are being made in the current climate of smoke room administrators. Some cigar lounge owners/facilitators minds are weighing heavy/contemplating during this pandemic haze. Q. Should they make major moves & attempt to become a trendsetter amongst their constituents? Or, should they par for the course....exerting what’s deemed as a professional/standard short-game approach, albeit with doubts due to retailers cross-industry are having to come face2face with the future of their liquidity & solvency.

But what speaks to a cigar lounge owners intent nowadays? Perhaps an infrastructural overhaul that keenly places outcomes in the laps of their most dedicated customers? Or, a structural online uplift....with hopes for returns exceeding walk-up-traffic....let’s say 60/40 online-on top? Neither are bulletproof, in fact, each can very well be equated to gun range target paper or cardboard. So, let’s unload a full clip, & inject what may best suit a Lounge’s situation in the moment.

Large to Major Cigar Lounge Retailers

Lucrative retail/lounge outfits with multiple branches extending regionally & or nationally may look into merging.

Global Government Health Orgs & Watchdogs have targeted our leisure lifestyle & are methodically chipping away to assure the bulk-demolition of our “home away from home” smoking shelters.

Increases with certain

country/county/province state tax-vat on tobacco & other regulatory stuff constantly brewing...further protection will be needed. Therefore standing on the diverse/broad shoulders of a major manufacturer such as STG (Scandinavian Tobacco Group) which not only can merge & acquire cigar retailers, but also assist with policy/legislation and brokerage, streamlining it directly down to the common cigar smoker seeking to patronize his favorite smoke lounge on the regular. This measure is complex & exhausting. But owners I ask you to be not entangled in the shift of your ownership...embrace the transition + $... & allow time to absolve the worthiness of your Retailers/Lounge’s legacy.

SML(Small-to-Medium sized Lounges)

Slightly more instructional in context here...\ SML’s should create or have strong loyalty program & offline. Off-cuff benefits for your customers to make them ride with you continuously. Compete vigorously for online clients through creative marketing & advertising. Build better relationships with popular & boutique manufactures thru high sales performance . Focus more on cigar sales & merchandising vs. alcohol, gimmicky events, accessories & paraphernalia sales.

If cigar sales don’t exceed the aforementioned profit centers in a cigar lounge, its not a bad thing, it still speaks to profit potential. Exceptional cigar sales performance however leads to greater opportunities and aligns the owner with better industry relationships that allows for partnering on various levels and the creation of top gains long-term. #industryfavortism

Leaf lovers will always have space on their porch, lanai or even inside their homes to self-administer cigar vaccines. Nothing new there....yet our extended family & fellowship at our respective go-to-lounges need our help to stay intact. Promoting human well-being is key toward the successful outcome of any business. Let us all collectively inject support during this time to stabilize our much needed getaways. #b2b #customer2business #business2customers

____________________________ Plumeberg Media 2020

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