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Chaney Cigar Lounge: East Tampa's New Refuge For Leaf Lovers...

Updated: May 24, 2020

By Nosakhere Kamau.

May, 21, 2020.

56th street in Tampa has a new cigar lounge, and the owner, well, let's just say he's no stranger to the area....

Corey L. Chaney Sr., a retired Navy Chief, is originally from Jackson Heights in East Tampa, where the Chaney Cigar Lounge now resides. His energy & presence reflects the growth that is currently building up in the city...& his endeavor is to bring forth further opportunity through leisure, unto his old stomping ground: “ I fell in love with cigars while traveling the world” says Chaney. "I love the culture, fellowship and bonding that smoking a cigar brings forth”.

Corey began smoking around 2009 while still serving in the Navy. After retiring in 2013, he spent 4 years in the Washington DC./Maryland area, then eventually decided that it was time to return to his roots; ‘It was time to come home and be situated near family" says Chaney, "I left Tampa at the age of 18... so 30 plus years was long enough to be away.” Entrepreneurship runs in Chaney’s family, upon returning he investigated what type of business he wanted to start-up. His passion for cigars took precedent, and not long thereafter, Chaney Cigar Lounge came into existence... “ We’re currently in soft opening mode” says Chaney.

"There are a few cosmetic things that we’re doing to further enhance our customers experience". "The target full-service open date will be between late June/early July”. The lounge currently offers approximately 50 cigar facings and will have lockers for rent. The lounge will also offer bottle club service (BYOB). The location has great parking and high visibility for walk-in traffic. “I want customers to come in and feel at home"." We encourage fellowship and would like everyone to relax & leave their worries behind upon entering.”.

Chaney’s Cigar Lounge now acts as one of only two African-American owned Cigar Lounges present in the City of Tampa. The other is Maduro Marauders Cigar Lounge located in West Tampa, which has been serving the cigar community now for 4 years.

Show your support by stopping by Chaney Cigar Lounge today and enjoy a variety of exclusive offerings from their humidor!

Chaney's Cigar Lounge is located @ 8010 N. 56th St. Tampa, FL.

Current hours of operation are: 2pm.-10pm. daily.

To reach by phone, call: (813) 252-6265.


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Article by Nosakhere Kamau

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