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7th Ave Movement: Bernini of Ybor

Thursday afternoon, taking a stroll on 7th Ave..and the munchies arrive...

whether they’ve derived from that Maui Wowie or constant vigor of the day...regardless / I need to eat! With stogie in hand, I walk upon my aged bistro of choice and take immediate advantage of the open outside seating. So many of my Italian faves are housed in this architecturally sound gem; from the wood-fired pizza, cioppino a la cinzano or veal chop aneto ...Bernini’s rarely disappoints. There is one item on the menu that guarantees to never invoke an underwhelming moment... engages you fully, and keeps that ass in-seat slightly longer probably than you intended.You’d think it would be a dish of grand caliber’s not. “It’s those damn $3 martinis”.(Served up beginning 11:30am daily). Can’t tell you why the simplicity of a Dirty Martini with Bleu Cheese Olives (ask for 2 olives) gives light to all things gray...maybe the clarity of its content or plain nature of its presentation / nonetheless / I gotta have it!

Regardless of your particular martini of choice, Bernin’s for the most part, has the propensity to concoct it up.

I encourage you when in Ybor to visit. The ambiance is cool whether dining inside or out. Positioned well on 7th and in close proximity to all things good in Ybor/Bernini‘s will leave a lasting impression on the palate and maybe become a fave of yours as well...

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