• Nosakhere Kamau

7th Ave Movement

There's a shake-up happening in Cigar City's most sacred ground....

7th Ave @ Night //..Ybor City. Tampa. USA.

It does not cater towards the obvious, which possibly is strategic given the historic context of how the mecca of stogie rolling innovators have operated. Dispel all of the data and facts that may or may not support this position...just peruse the landscape of the avenue and it kinda smells like teen spirit. Not complimenting a nirvana like type of experience but a particular newness, a vulnerable yet rebellious transcendence, giving recognition to the architects of the past and paving the way for a fresh construct that lies ahead.

Follow us here as we delve weekly into the dynamics of 7th Ave / Ybor City. Tampa. USA. and take witness as the movement unfolds!

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